The Royal Bengal Tiger by Anand Kumar


The Royal Bengal Tiger by 

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Paisley Puppy (by Signature Move Siberians)

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I love this. I bet so many people have their own message relating toIt

we all have that one person



I love this. I bet so many people have their own message relating to

we all have that one person

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Postcards For Ants, Lorraine Loots


Shut up

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yo i ain’t saying she’s a gold-digger but she does carry a weird pan everywhere and keep mumbling stuff about “gold in them there hills” idk so yeah she is probably a gold digger

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forgive me father for i have sin-ed.. and cos-ed.. and tan-ed.. hahaha also i killed my trigonometry teacher

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"how to perfect the natural, no makeup look"

step 1. you will need these 27 cosmetic products

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"No, I don’t. As I’ve said, I feel people will decide for themselves, people are in control of themselves and their lives. Lots of people find modern life really bleak and they need a distraction, whatever that may be, and that’s why I feel many of them turn to drugs. What else do they have? It’s quite easy for a governmental body to say, ‘*So* unrealistic to take these drugs, *so* unrealistic to take heroin, you don’t really need it.’ *They* don’t need it but perhaps other people do. Having said that, for me personally, I would never under any circumstances take drugs. No drugs whatsoever." — Morrissey, when asked if he had a statement to make on drug use (1986)


My little brother and I were swimming and my dad walked out and said “it’s trash day tomorrow you know what that means” and my brother looked at me dead in the eyes and said “it’s time for you to go.”

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Medellín, Colombia. Love these green hills! by garethemery


Medellín, Colombia. Love these green hills! by garethemery

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Anonymous whispered, "How do you keep from getting discouraged with your learning?"


I get discouraged all the time. You can’t stop yourself from being discouraged. It’s impossible to be good at something without making mistakes, so you can’t get good at something without being a little discouraged.

You just have to power through it and accept that you’re not going to understand everything.

Just because you can’t understand everything, especially not at once, is no reason not to try at all.

Just don’t let being discouraged control you.

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